Our coach David Ashby has grown up with horses & playing polo through the Pony Club and SUPA with both Stowe School & Oxford Brookes University. In 2004 he became a professional player as well as embarking on this career as a coach. He currently holds a 4 goal handicap and is a HPA Qualified Instructor.
Early in 2011 David set up The Oxford Polo School where he coaches at all levels of polo. The Oxford Polo School (known as TOPS) has a wide range of horses that are suitable to most level of players. TOPS & its coaches are fully insured & holds a Riding Establishment Act License as well as being an accredited SUPA horse hirer.


Join our lessons.

Please book in at http://bookwhen.com/oupclessons


OUPC runs lessons every week for all levels, from beginners who want to learn the basics, to experts who want to hone their skills. These are run in conjunction with David Ashby and The Oxford Polo School, based at Kirtlington Park Polo Club. Kirtlington has historically been OUPC's home club and is within a 20 minute drive from the city centre (see map below). The lessons cost £40, inclusive of pony hire (£45 including transport). More advanced players have the option of playing club chukkas at Kirtlington.


In the winter the lessons run by The Oxford Polo School are based at East End Farm, also within a 20 minute drive of Oxford.


The Club operates an online booking website, on which the days and times of lessons will be posted. If you want to take part in a lesson, you must book in through this website so that ponies and polo instructors can be arranged with The Oxford Polo School. 



FAQ’s for Existing and Potential Members


What are the prices like?


Our membership fee is £25 per annum. This gives you access to subsidised lessons (£45) and chukka rates at the Oxford Polo School. As a member you will also have to become a member of SUPA (Schools & Universities Polo Association). Their annual membership of £45 will cover your insurance. 



How do I join OUPC?


Our Polo Club extremely welcoming to new members, and strongly encourages fresher recruitment, and in fact relies on it. The majority of our new members joins us at the beginning of the year signing up at the Freshers Fair at the Examination School. At your first lesson or during any of the socials we organise, we can take your details so you will receive info about training sessions, matches, socials and other events throughout the year. You will also get a chance to meet committee members and ask any questions you have. 

If you would like to join the club, please pay the annual membership fee via paypal:




What do I wear?


Jeans or jodhpurs with short or long riding boots are best. If you have never ridden before don’t worry at all, comfortable long trousers along with shoes or boots with a low heel are fine. We have helmets and polo sticks that you can borrow.


Do I need to know how to ride?


No, many of our members had never been on a horse before joining the club. Even for experienced riders, polo requires a different style of riding to the standard English method so a little relearning is often necessary!


What about insurance?


When you join the club, you will also join SUPA which allows you to play in all of the university lessons, chukkas and tournaments.


Do I need to have my own horse?


No, the Oxford Polo School provides us with horses to hire that suit all levels.


Can I just be a social member of the club?


Yes of course you can, just let us know when you sign up. You will still receive all news and updates, be invited to all our events, but you will not be able to buy our tournament kit! You can always upgrade your membership if you want to give the playing side a go!


What if I change my mind?


Unlikely as it is, if you do decide after your first taster session that polo isn’t for you, you will not have to sign the membership form. Likewise, if you didn’t join at the fresher’s fair and change your mind, you can always get in touch to join at any time throughout the year!


If you have any further questions, no matter how small, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .